New version of incident reporting form released in July 2023

Safety policy

Usage of safety goggles

Creating and maintaining a safe working environment is the responsibility of all lab users

You can issue tools, safety equipment, and some kind of protective clothing, but there is one thing that cannot be issued--a new set of eyes

Why we need safety goggles?

Particles can pierce in your eyes during wafer cutting using diamond cutter (permanent damage to eyes)

Cleaning of wafers using nitrogen gun(permanent damage to eyes)

In the chemistry room

Plasma or UV light exposures in fabrication are likely to happen (prolonged exposure can lead to sever damage)

Policy for usage

The safety goggles are to be worn inside all the labs (Chemistry room, Micro1, Micro2, Nano-lab, 1.1, AMAT).

One can remove the goggle while using tools like optical microscope and ellipsometer.

Members with spectacles are expected to wear the goggles on them.

User's feedback show initial discomfort, should disappear slowly if the goggles are used regularly for sometime.

In case of irritation or headache due to prolonged use, one can place the goggle on head for sometime, but do not stop using it completely (This would be considered as violation).

Use online complaint/suggestion form to bring to the notice any Health issue even after 2-3 weeks of consistent use. This will help to check for even better quality of safety goggles in the market.

LICs and operators and all the users in all the lab should strictly monitor the usage of goggles and use white boards effectively in case of violations.

Location of goggles
I. Above the shoe rack at Micro 2 entrance

II. Wearing goggles after entering the lab is mandatory

III. Areas covered : Micro1 , Micro2, Nano, AMAT and service corridors

Violation of rule
Not wearing goggles in above specified area will be considered as violation and hence will lead to disciplinary action.