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Lithography and SEM tools usage

RAITH is a heavily loaded instrument, hence the following policy has been made to share and distribute the load amongst all three lithography tools - RAITH, EVO SEM and FESEM:

If samples with film thickness or feature sizes less than 200nm - FESEM to be used.

If imaging is to be done at an angle other than 45 or 90 degree - FESEM to be used.
If EVO SEM is down, all SEM requests can be transferred to FESEM.

Policy for usage of Solar Cell I-V Measurement System, In House Solar Simulator and Nova Simulator: 1. For samples of dimension more than 2 cm x 2 cm ONLY: Use Solar Cell I-Vmeasurement system. 2. For samples of dimension less than 2 cm x 2 cm : Use In House Solar Simulator or Nova Simulator :Note: To ensure that the illumination intensity is 1 sun, the dimension of the cells should not be more than 2cm x 2cm or 2cm x 4cm while using In House Solar Simulator or Nova Simulator

Regarding Cross TEM Sample preparation Units:
1. Lab members should lap their own samples.

2. There will be a limit on the number of samples for each request(max.2).

3. The yield of the TEM sample preparation by the method used @ IITBNF is 50% at best. Since the process is quite long and the samples may be precious, the frustration arising from a failed sample preparation attempt is understandable. However lab members are advised to be patient and do not vent their frustration on the staff preparing samples, considering the inherent low yield of the process. The owner of the sample is invited to be present during sample preparation.

4. If there is a sample breakage during the process, IITBNF will not be held responsible and lab member needs to submit a new equipment usage request for a new sample.

Copyright © 2012 IITBNF, IIT Bombay. All Rights Reserved. Released on October 20, 2014 Version 1.4